14 January 2021

Next week the National Free School Meals Voucher Scheme is being launched.

We will be working hard to get the vouchers out to those that are entitled as soon as we possibly can.

This will take a couple of days or so to set up and complete once the website opens on Monday.

Please keep an eye on your emails over the course of the week as your voucher instructions will be sent using the email address we have for you in school. Make sure you also check your junk mail as last time some emails ended up there.

The email will give you instructions as to how to download your voucher.

The value of the voucher is £15 per week. 

You will be able to select which supermarket you would like to use your voucher in.

If you have any questions regarding free school meals, the national voucher or you need support, please contact the school's main office.