At Easterside Academy we have strong links with a number of schools in Gambia.

In Year 5 and 6 pupils write letters to pupils within an identified school in Gambia and receive beautiful, handwritten letters back. As part of this correspondence the pupils and staff also get to learn about the children’s lives in Gambia and the many issues they can face. This is illustrated to pupils at Easterside Academy through regular visits from Mrs Taylor who visits both our school and the schools within Gambia.

We have also helped to raise money for equipment for schools within Gambia e.g. rubbers and dictionaries, as well as donating our own ‘old’ equipment to schools in Gambia e.g. books, tables, chairs, climbing frame etc. These are taken over to Gambia in large containers and pupils across the school are given the opportunity to see them make that journey as well as in situation in schools in Gambia through the use of photographs.

Here are some of our children reading their letters and also some examples of the letters our pupils have received recently from Gambia. Each child receives one individually to respond to.