The school does its utmost to ensure the well being of all children.

There are four non teaching members of staff dedicated to this role:

Pupil Well-Being Leader: Miss T Sharp

Pupil and Parent Advisor: Mrs L Carter

Pupil and Parent Advisor: Mrs R Roffe

Pupil and Parent Advisor: Mrs Brewster

They are supported by other staff within school that forms our ‘Care Team’. Children know the purpose of the team, which is to assist them to be happy and thrive in school. 

The care team ensures there is constructive play with a range of activities on the yards; that issues between pupils are resolved using a restorative approach; that reluctant learners are supported; that the behaviour policy is implemented effectively and that there is an active, stimulating extra-curricular programme.

The Team also work with children on an individual basis (mentoring); they carry out small group wellbeing interventions (such as the KOALA club/Change for Life/Good to be Me/Happy Outdoors Make Us Happy Indoors/THRIVE) and support and deliver whole class PSHE lessons when and where identified. The Care Team liaise with outside agencies such as Social Care, CAMHS, REACH and independent play therapists to ensure the right targeted intervention is in place to support.

Working with and supporting parents/carers is another key aspect of the 'Care Team's' role. A member of the team is always available in the main entrance every morning and they can also be contacted at any point of the day. Please call the main office or come into school. 

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