Who are our Governors?

Every school has a Governing Body made up of various members of the community. There can be between 9 and 20 members depending on the size of the school. The Governing Body works closely with the Head teacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school. They form part of the school leadership team, are responsible for strategic planning and policy development and strive to make sure the Academy provides a good quality education for all its children.

Governors don’t get paid for their work: they are volunteers.

Easterside Academy has a very active Governing Body who work closely with the Head Teacher, staff and children throughout the year.

The Governing Body:

  • Is a ‘critical friend’ to the Academy.
  • Explains its policies to parents and the community.
  • Helps to settle its disputes, fairly and conscientiously.
  • Oversees its policies and its use of resources.

Our Governing Body - Scheme of Delegation

Type Membership Appointed by

Term of Office

Start - End



Head Teacher Mrs D Linacre  Ex Officio 01/04/14 11 out of 11
Community *Mr David Foster Governing Body 01/04/14 - 22/11/18 2 out of 2
Chair / Community *Dr Jonathan Reay Governing Body 01/04/18-31/03/22 6 out of 11
Community Mr Chris Drew Governing Body 01/04/18-31/03/22 5 out of 6
Community Mrs Linda Harrison Governing Body 23/11/16 - 22/11/20 3 out of 9
Community Mrs Daisy Best Governing Body 23/11/16 - 22/11/20 5 out of 6
Vice Chair - Community Mr Dave Elliott Governing Body 23/11/16 - 22/11/20 7 out of 8
Community Mrs Ruth Parker Governing Body 20/09/17 - 19/09/21 9 out of 9
Staff Governor Mrs Sarah Anderson Staff 01/04/18-31/03/22 4 out of 6
Staff Governor Mrs Chris Thomas Staff 01/04/18-31/03/22 9 out of 9
Parent Governor *Mrs Ruth Saber Parents 24/03/15-23/03/19 6 out of 11
Parent Governor Vacancy Parents    
Local Authority Cllr Mike Carr Middlesbrough Council 01/04/18-31/03/22 6 out of 9
Trust Board *Lesley James Governing Body    

*Trust Board Members appointed by the Governors.

Full Governing Body Finance & Resources Premises Appraisers Safer Rec trained  Governor Responsibility
12/09/2018 @ 3.45pm 18/10/2017 @ 3.45pm        
21/11/2018 @ 4pm 31/01/2018 @ 3.45pm        
19/03/2019 @ 4pm 23/05/2018 @ 3.45pm        
08/05/2019 @ 3.45pm          
16/07/2019 @ 4pm          
D. Linacre X X   04/03/13 Head Teacher
J. Reay - CHAIR X X X 18/03/16 Achievement & Attainment / Data
M. Carr X X X   Teaching and Learning
D. Foster X X X 27/11/10


Outdoor Learning

Leadership and Management

D. Elliott - Vice Chair X - CHAIR X X 26/02/10


Teaching and Learning

Achievement & Attainment

L. Harrison X X    

Leadership and Management

Achievement & Attainment

Business and Finance

D. Best         Behaviour, Welfare & Safety
R. Parker X X   08/06/16

Teaching and Learning


S. Anderson        08/06/16  
C. Drew         Leadership and Management / Safeguarding
R. Saber X X     Early Years / Pupil Premium
P. Pennock X Observer X Observer      

Scheme of Delegation Document with Terms of Reference

Resignations within the 2014/15 academic year

Mr A Ballantyne, Co-opted Governor, resigned with effect from 16/06/15 (attended 4 out of 5 meetings).

Reverend M Grange, Co-opted Governor, resigned with effect from 23/02/15 (attended 2 out of 2 meetings).

Mrs L James, Co-opted Governor, resigned with effect from 16/06/15 (attended 6 out of 8 meetings).

Resignations within the 2015/16 academic year


Resignations within the 2016/17 academic year

Mr R Donnison, Co-opted Governor, resigned with effect from 23rd November 2016.

Resignations within the 2017/18 academic year

Mrs Jemma Oliver, parent Governor, resigned with effect from 22nd November 2017.

Resignations within the 2017/18 academic year

Dr Daisy Best, Co-opted Governor, resigned with effect from 14.12.18.

The Enquire Learning Trust - Scheme of Delegation


Governor Pen Portraits

Business Interests declared

Stepping Up Together - D. Foster

Show Racism the Red Card - D. Foster

Carlton Outdoor Centre - D. Foster

Middlesbrough Council - M. Carr

Easterside Partnership - M. Carr

Hemlington Hall Academy - D. Elliott

The Avenue Primary School - R. Parker

People with significant Control

From the Chair of Governors

Easterside Academy currently has 10 people, known as the Governing Body, who challenge Mrs Linacre to make sure the school continues to improve and provides every pupil with wonderful learning experiences.

We take Mrs Linacre’s advice on educational matters because this is her expertise, and constantly work together with her towards improving the School and making sure all the pupils at Easterside Academy are making as much progress as they possibly can and achieve the best they can.

As an Academy, our role has not significantly changed, although we have more responsibilities to do with the staff of the school and also the buildings and grounds. We take our role very seriously and work as a team to provide a high level of challenge for the school as well as offering support and recognition for the hard work that all the school staff put in every day. Together, we have a good range of skills and expertise; we all share the same commitment and vision: to ensure that the children at our school receive the best education we can provide by working together as a team.

Split into smaller groups and on a one-to-one, we discuss with Mrs Linacre a range of different things. We ask ourselves: Are there any children that are finding lessons a bit difficult or too easy? What can the school do to change this? Are all the children in the school/class making good/expected progress? Is the teaching and learning at least good or outstanding over time? Other questions: Do we have enough money to buy materials or pay for extra staff to help smaller groups progress? Do we have enough learning space? Are all our children safe and healthy at school so they can learn really well? Are we helping the teaching staff to develop their own careers so they are enthusiastic about teaching our children? Have we got the right staffing structure to help our pupils achieve? We have a lot of decisions to make as governors.

There are also visible activities you may see us doing in School: job interviews for new teachers; reviewing Mrs Linacre’s progress; writing monitoring reports following classroom visits, events and school trips; meeting with teachers or pupils; studying pupil progress data; checking health & safety around the school; speaking to parents and speaking to Ofsted about current trends in the School during an inspection.

We all meet together once a term for a Full Governing Body Meeting and the Finance and Resources Committee meets once or twice a term. Each governor also attends a pupil progress meeting during the year and liaises with a link teacher in relation to the ‘area’ within school they are responsible for. During the year they will visit the school to carry out monitoring exercises.

From time to time we do have vacancies on our Governing Body and would welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us. If you are interested in finding out more, do ask at the school office to talk to one of us about the role and what it means to become a Governor. We would love to hear from you!

Chair of Governors