2 July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


School Organisation 2020 – 2021


I would like to take the opportunity to share with you the details regarding school/class organisation for the next academic year.



Teaching Area

Miss Smith / Mrs Peacock

High Needs Base

Mrs Southern


Miss Firman


Mrs Robinson


Mrs Rayment

Year 1

Mr  Carroll

Year 1 / 2

Mrs Seymour

Year 2

Miss Weetman

Year 3

Miss Norris

Year 4

Mrs Freeman

Year 3 / 4

Miss Tunney

Year 5/6

Miss Doe

Year 5/6

Mrs Anderson

Year 6

Mrs Thomas

Vice Principal

Supporting teaching in Year 5 and 6


All classes are of mixed ability.


Due to the current COVID restrictions parents have now been sent their child’s new teacher in September through Marvellous Me. If you do not yet have Marvellous Me please contact the office and they will print you off a joining code.


As a staff we are fully committed to providing an excellent education for all our pupils and will work hard in September to welcome everyone back into their new classes. We understand that this will be an anxious time for some and we will be putting things in place to help alleviate this and help them to settle in as quickly as possible.


A full list of staffing can be found on the Academy’s website.



School Holidays


School will close for the holidays on Friday 17th July and re-open for pupils on Thursday 3rd September 2020.


The guidelines for school re-opening in September have now been issued by the DfE. The school and the Trust will be using the guidelines to plan for the re-opening in September over the next couple of weeks.


We will keep you updated as to the arrangements on the academy’s website, Marvellous Me and APP.

Please keep checking over the summer break for further updates.


The calendar for the next academic year can be found on the academy’s website.



Keep us updated!


Just a reminder that if you move house or any of your contact details change or any numbers/details regarding your child’s emergency contacts please let us know. Help us to keep our records as up to date as possible by calling on 01642 273006 or emailing: contact@eastersideacademy.co.uk



Yours sincerely,


D. Linacre

Mrs D Linacre