18 November 2019

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The two sessions were held in school and extremely well received by the parents that attended.

Parents / carers also got the opportunity within the sessions for their child to come and join them and learn some of the techniques. 

100% of the parents that attended enjoyed the sessions and found them useful.

Reasons why included:

"Very informative and nice the kids got to join in."

"Helpful in day to day. Stress, worries and anxious times. Very good instructor."

"Opened up old wounds which haven't healed but made me realise the need for addressing."


When asked what they found useful, parents shared:

"To try and be more aware when in situations."

"Breathing techniques. Understanding there is always a trigger. C.B.T. Brain and how it works for fight, flight, freeze."


When asked what they would change about the workshops, parents said:

"More sessions! More mindfulness exercises / practical sessions. Yoga was very good!"


We hope to hold more mindfulness workshops in the future. Keep an eye out if you are interested!