It was fantastic to see 62 parents, carers and family members at our recent Open Morning!

The feedback from our visitors was really positive and we can't wait for the next.

100% of you said that you had enjoyed the morning. When asked why? Feedback included:

It was great to be able to spend time with my child.

Every activity was interesting.

I enjoyed working with my child.

It was good spending time in school.

It made my child happy.

To see what they’ve been learning about.

We love spending time at school – learning about what the kids have been getting up to.

Always nice to see the classrooms and what they’ve been learning.

Loved to be involved in his work.

A lot to do!

Good to see my child with friends.

It was fun to see them in school enjoying themselves.

Seeing how she enjoyed the different activities.

It was a lot of fun!

It’s nice to have the opportunity to see them in their learning environment.

Spending quality time with my child.

Spending time with my granddaughter.


100% of you said you were able to find out what your child had been learning about at school. 

Feedback included:


We liked the physical activities.

I enjoyed myself all through the activities.


Commando Joe’s


I enjoyed using the Iwall in the hall.

Geography and learning about ‘Pugs of the North’.

Team building activities and Thrive.

Reading and the sports hall.


Activity for keeping active and plenty of team work.

All the activities were interesting.

I’m able to ask him at home now I know what he’s been learning.

Having conversations.


100% of you said that you would come to another Open Morning!


Final thoughts from you included:

I enjoyed finding out what school is like for my granddaughter.

It’s good to spend time and see what they are learning about. It’s a lot of fun!

I love to participate in activities.

I like to work with my child.

I really enjoyed it and it was lots of fun with my child.

Spending time with the kids.

I like to be present and involved.

It’s nice to see what they’ve been learning and how interesting it is.

It’s good to be actively involved in their school life.