7 May 2022

Dear Year 6 children,


The events of the last two years have been difficult for everyone in so many ways. We have faced lockdowns, social distancing, remote learning, separation from loved ones and many more things besides. Together we have faced these challenges and come out the other side! We could not be prouder of the bravery and resilience that you have all displayed.


On Monday, we will embark upon another chapter of your school journey: Year 6 SATs.


Whilst next week will not be without challenges, we want you to approach it with the same attitude you have displayed time and time again since you came to Easterside Academy. Yes, COVID had a major impact upon your schooling, but think of all the other times you have been AMAZING (despite being a little worried or anxious); your first day at school, sports days, Christmas performances ….. Be POSITIVE, BE BRAVE, and most of all BE YOU.

All the Year 6 staff and I know that you have been working unbelievably hard this year, your books showcase it, particularly in these last few weeks to prepare yourself for these assessments. As we have said all along, next week is about showing up and trying your best, and we can’t ask for any more than that.

We don’t want you to be worried about your results and feel it is important to remind you, the results that you get will only tell you a little something about yourself and not everything! Remember there are many things that make you smart and make you ‘you’ and your results will only be a tiny part of that. The exams don’t test how many times you’ve made someone smile or the difference you make in so many ways simply by being you. You are clever, skilled and knowledgeable in so many ways that can never be tested! You are kind, trustworthy, loving and make your families and teachers incredibly proud!


To give yourself the best chance next week remember to:

  • Go to bed at a reasonable time in order to get plenty of sleep so that you’re not tired the next day.

  • Come to the free breakfast club at 8am in school next week.

  • Get to school in plenty of time so that you don’t feel rushed when you arrive in your classroom for the tests.

  • Share any worries or concerns you have with family, friends and staff. We are here to listen and support you.


And finally …. ENJOY your weekend! Do the things that you enjoy and love the most!

Remember, we are already extremely proud of all your achievements and the effort and commitment you have shown this year. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday …… You’ve got this!

Best wishes and good luck!


D. Linacre


Mrs D Linacre