13 July 2021

Each year we try to make our curriculum even stronger and next year we have planned a unique autumn adventure for the Y5 and 6 pupils as part of their topic ‘Stargazers’. It also dovetails with our outdoor learning curriculum and provides the opportunity for pupils to experience one of our ‘101 Things to do before you leave Easterside Academy’ activities; camping overnight on the school field!


We have facilitated it a number of times before and it is always a huge success!


The Outdoor People provide educational outdoor activities to schools across the UK, with overnight camps and day activities for children aged 6 to 11. In the autumn term they will be bringing the activities, the tents, mats and instructors right onto our school grounds again!




Each year group (Year 5 and 6) will experience a ‘classic camp day’ on the field and after 3pm will prepare for an overnight camp. We’ll have tea at school followed by a ‘camp fire’ where we’ll toast mashmallows and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate before settling down to bed in the bell tents on the field. School will provide a hearty breakfast in the morning before school!


Pupils will sleep in tents with a maximum capacity of 10 to a tent. Some Y5 / 6 staff, other members of staff and I will partake in the overnight camp with the children. The children will have unlimited access to toilets and wash facilities. We also will have a ‘night watchman’ to ensure that we are safe and secure at all times. The local police will also be informed of the event.


The Outdoor People have supplied a ‘Happy Camper Kit List’ (See attached) to ensure that your child is fully equipped. Please take a look at this over the summer break in preparation. There will also be a drop in parent meeting at the start of the term if parents have any questions. Further information and a consent form will be sent out when we get back in September.


Camping Kit List