28 April 2021



Re: Lockdown Procedures in school – reminder for parents


As part of our ‘Emergency Planning’ Easterside Academy has a ‘Lockdown Policy’ that has been in place for many years. This policy has been acknowledged and commended by Middlesbrough’s own Emergency and Disaster Planning Team.

Easterside Academy is committed to maintaining a safe leaning environment for all pupils.  We recognise that in some situations, pupil safety may best be achieved by ‘locking down’ the school rather than implementing a general evacuation such as in a fire. Such instances might include severe weather conditions; a chemical spill in the local community; a dog getting into the school or being instructed to by local emergency services.

In such instances the Principal will suspend the normal daily routine and require all pupils and staff to remain in or follow ‘lock down’ procedures until such time as it is safe for the regular routine to resume. Staff and children are asked to go to their nearest ‘safe place’ (usually somewhere within the classroom), and to wait quietly for further instructions. A ‘Lockdown’ practice is carried out as quickly as possible allowing staff and children to come out of it once procedures have been followed.

All staff have been trained on our ‘Lockdown’ procedures and a lockdown practice is carried out annually in school. This is carried out rather like a ‘fire practice’. All children are trained in what to do in a lock down. We have a separate alarm from the fire bell.

During a lockdown practice the school’s front entrance will be temporarily locked to ensure the school is completely locked down and safe. Please be aware that if you visit the school and the entrance doors are locked this may very well be the reason. We ask that in this instance you remain patient outside until the practice is over.

A lockdown practice will take place shortly.

This policy has been put in place to safeguard your children.