Easterside Academy’s Homework Policy has been put in place by the Governing Body of Easterside Academy. The policy is followed by all staff members and with all children and families to ensure consistency and fairness. The policy has recently been reviewed and changed for September 2015. The full policy can be read on our policy page.

As a parent you have signed our Home-School Agreement that asks parents to support the completion of homework on a weekly basis.

What type of homework is given out?

Early Years:

An activity set out in your child’s ‘My Home Achievement Book’. Reception children will also receive Reading (at least 3 times, which should be recorded in the Reading Diary provided).

KS1 and KS2

Project-based homework

  • Project homework is given at the beginning of each half term and is linked to each child’s theme/topic.
  • This homework is set for the duration of the half term and is given with a deadline for submission at the end of this time.
  • Families are encouraged to join in with and support the completion of ‘Project Homework’.
  • Project homework will usually consist of a ‘creative’ activity/task; English activities linked to the creative activity/task and a maths activity.
  • Progress through the Project Homework is tracked by staff weekly through a ‘Project Completion Sheet.’ This is kept in the child’s homework folder.
  • A minimum requirement for the homework is stated but children and families can complete more if they wish.
  • Children will share their ‘Project Homework’ in class as part of their learning and will take it to their ‘twin’ class in school to share with their peers from a different Key Stage.


  • Each child has a reading diary for parents/carers to record when they have heard their child read.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to read and enjoy a book with their child at least three times a week and record this in their diary.
  • At school children will be encouraged to ‘Read around the Boro.’
  • For every signed reading session at home in their reading diary, children will be given a point. These are accumulated to enable children to reach destinations around Middlesbrough.
  • At each destination reached children are praised and given recognition for their reading at home through a new award system in school.
  • How far around Middlesbrough will your child be able to read?….. The challenge is on!!!


  • Weekly spellings go home for the children to learn.
  • Spellings are taken from the National Curriculum and related expectations.
  • The number of spellings is dependent on the Year group the children are in and their individual needs.
  • Children receive weekly spelling tests in school at the end of the week.

Maths – Basic Skills

  • Children are given Maths targets to work on linked to the basic skills.
  • With younger children this may include number recognition or number bonds to 10; with older children this will include learning their times tables.
  • These basic skills are practised, consolidated and applied in school.

When is homework given out and returned?

Early Years: Homework is given out on a Tuesday and must be returned the following Monday.

KS1: Homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday.

KS2: Homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday.

Reading diaries should be signed by parents 3 times a week. Children will not be awarded Super student unless all reading and homework is completed at a high standard and returned on the designated day.


Current Project Homework