As a parent you have signed our Home-School Agreement that asks parents to support the completion of homework on a weekly basis.

What type of homework is given out?

Early Years:

An activity set out in your child’s ‘My Home Achievement Book’. Reception children will also receive Reading (at least 3 times, which should be recorded in the Reading Diary provided).


KS1 and KS2

Project-based homework

  • Project homework is given at the beginning of each half term and is linked to each child’s theme/topic's 'Enquiry Question'. 
  • This homework is set for the duration of the half term and is given with a deadline for submission at the end of this time.
  • Families are encouraged to join in with and support the completion of ‘Project Homework’.
  • Project homework will usually consist of a ‘creative’ activity/task; English activities linked to the creative activity/task and a maths activity.
  • Children will share their ‘Project Homework’ in class as part of their learning and will take it to their ‘twin’ class in school to share with their peers from a different Key Stage.
  • Currently the Easterside Community Hub can support parents with project homework on a Thursday evening from 3-4pm. 

Knowledge 'Graphic' Organisers 

  • A topic 'graphic organiser' is also shared for each 'Enquiry Question' to support pupils knowing and remembering more knowledge from their topic. 


  • Each child has a reading diary for parents/carers to record when they have heard their child read.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to read and enjoy a book with their child at least three times a week and record this in their diary.


  • Weekly spellings go home for the children to learn or can be accessed on Spelling Shed online. 
  • Spellings are taken from the National Curriculum and related expectations.
  • The number of spellings is dependent on the Year group the children are in and their individual needs.
  • Children receive weekly spelling tests in school at the end of the week.
Maths – Basic Skills
  • Children are given Maths targets to work on linked to the basic skills.
  • With younger children this may include number recognition or number bonds to 10; with older children this will include learning their times tables.
  • These basic skills are practised, consolidated and applied in school.

When is homework given out and returned?

Early Years: Homework is given out on a Tuesday and must be returned the following Monday.

KS1: Homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday.

KS2: Homework is given out on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday.

Reading diaries should be signed by parents 3 times a week. Children will not be awarded Super student unless all reading and homework is completed at a high standard and returned on the designated day.

Seesaw Class Pages

  • Each class has an online Seesaw class page.
  • Parents / carers and pupil will have access to the class page from home.
  • Your child's class page will be used to share homework, letters, messages and photographs and recordings of your child's learning in school.
  • Parents and pupils can also use the class page to upload any learning children have done at home.
  • Seesaw is used when a child is not able to come into school to learn for any reason e.g. a snow day; isolation linked to a pandemic. 

Current Project Homework