At Easterside Academy one aspect of our curriculum is to support pupils to gain knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy and to enable them to make informed choices about healthy eating, and fitness.

One way you as parents/carers can support us in doing this, is through using our monthly ‘Healthy Recipes’.

These recipes will be sent out to the whole school during the year and will invite pupils to have a go at maybe making something new to eat at home with their family.

The recipes can also provide an opportunity for pupils to ‘read’ for a purpose or see a family member reading for a purpose.

Parents / carers are invited to complete a short review at the bottom of the recipe letter and return it to school, as well as the option to send a photograph in of their ‘recipe results’ to our school email address:

These may be displayed on this webpage

Healthy Eating Recipes

Useful websites:

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