‘MarvellousMe is a game changer for parent engagement.’

Children are happier. Their learning and character skills improve.

Designed by a once disengaged dad, MarvellousMe engages parents in their children’s learning and character development. It boosts family conversations about school and makes it easy for parents to help their children’s education and say: ‘Well done!’

MarvellousMe is special because it encourages and helps teachers to focus parent communication on learning and positive behaviours, as well as giving leaders insight and tools to ensure it’s consistent and sustained in every class.

Emotionally engaging for parents.

When your child starts Easterside Academy you will be invited to join ‘Marvellous Me’.

MarvellousMe tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work or a great character skill.

It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning support and encouragement.

You will be sent simple joining instructions to download the APP free.

Marvellous Me Parent Quick Reference Page

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