At Easterside Academy, our pupils will receive a stimulating and enriching experience in English, developing the skills necessary to master the English Programme of Study. Our aim is for children to leave school being able to write with confidence and accuracy for a variety of purposes and audiences whilst developing their own individual flair.


Through our curriculum, we will help children develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively through spoken and written language and equip them with the skills to become lifelong learners.


Our writing curriculum is designed to turn enthusiastic readers into writers who keenly express their thoughts, ideas and analyses into texts across a range of genres.  Writing is taught using Power of Reading books and high quality topic related texts. Lessons are delivered with enthusiasm and confidence from a love of the texts.


Children will:

  • be immersed in high quality literature
  • have experience of a breadth of texts including those that are visual and digital
  • be provided with meaningful opportunities to write for real purposes and audiences and to respond to writing as a reader
  • develop an understanding of the craft of writing by engaging meaningfully with professional authors and their processes
  • be immersed in the process of writing authentically through modelling
  • develop their own authentic voice
  • have time and space to develop their own ideas in writing
  • build imagination and given time for oral rehearsal
  • be taught phonics, grammar and spelling which is embedded in context
  • have their writing celebrated writing authentic publication and presentation

Each Power of Reading text will have a grammar, punctuation and spelling focus. Teachers will also teach these elements in discrete lessons to consolidate learning.


The spoken word is paramount in forming foundations for writing and promoting reading and writing, including children’s understanding of how to shape and refine their work and employ spelling conventions and Standard English. Pupils are encouraged to participate in discussion and debate, asking and answering questions readily. We aim to provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge associated with drama.


We also adapt the Talk for Writing approach which enables children to read and write independently for a variety of audiences and purposes within different subjects. A key feature is that children internalise the language structures needed to write through ‘talking the text’, as well as close reading. The approach moves from dependence towards independence, with the teacher using shared and guided teaching to develop the ability in children to write creatively and powerfully.

Improving young children’s vocabulary is of high priority.


We aim to:

  • provide children with a rich language environment (implicit approaches) as well as directly extending children’s vocabulary (explicit approaches);
  • carefully select high-frequency words for explicit teaching (see Figure 1);
  • developing the number of words children know (breadth) and their understanding of relationships between words and the contexts in which words can be used (depth); and
  • provide multiple opportunities to hear and use new vocabulary.

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