As part of our aim to encourage children to take part in extra-curricular learning activities, we are working in partnership with Middlesbrough Children’s University.  This exciting scheme allows children to collect stamps in a special Passport to Learning every time they attend an after school club or out of school activity that has been validated through the Children’s University such as museums, libraries, instructor lead sessions at local sports centres.

Every child taking part in the Children’s University is issued with their own ‘Passport to Learning’.

  • Your child’s ‘Passport to Learning’ – Keep this safe! In your child’s school ‘Book Bag’ is probably the best place. This way if they bring their book bag to school every day, they will be able to collect their stamps, as well as having it at home for any ‘Learning Destinations’ they may visit with you.

As a school we will provide you with a list of learning destinations in our local area that are registered with Children’s University. There are many more! Please visit the Children’s University website:

Each passport has a unique passport number which is registered with the Children’s University. This way they can also track your child’s stamps for learning.

Easterside Primary School has been able to acquire funds in order purchase a passport for every child in the school aged 5yrs and above, who wants to participate. However, if your child looses their passport, there will be a cost of £2 to school in which to purchase a new one.

Children’s University letters can be got from the school office.

If you would like to hear about Children’s University from the children you may wish to view: